Heavy impacts in case of attack:


This is the average cost
of a security breach

9 weeks

On average to repair the damage
(not counting the impact on your reputation)


A strict EU legislation imposing
sanctions of up to € 20m

Is your data well protected ?



Get your report in 48 hours,
by providing a simple.cvs file

After a first contact in which you send us an anonymous file listing the applications on your mobile fleet (information from your EMM), Lookout draws up a written report indicating the potentially or the already present threats and their impact on your fleet.

The LOOKOUT technology is based on the analysis of a network of more than 100 million mobile sensors and the largest mobile code base.

Adopt the approach approuved by GARTNER!




Complete your EMM suite with a solution who detect threats and vulnerabilities to which your data are exposed

An  EMM (Entreprise Mobile Management) suite to :

  • Know and manage the condition of your mobile fleet,,
  • Separate the pro / perso uses of your collaborators,
  • Carry out remedial actions

Our main partner solutions : MobileIron, Airwatch, IBM Maas 360, SOTI, Samsung Knox

A specialized security solution to assess risk in real time by analyzing the behavior of terminals, applications and network connections.

Our main partner solutions :  Lookout et Wandera

Digital Dimension’s strengths :
Our team advise you on the choice of the solutions best adapted to your needs, integrate them into your environment, monitor them on a daily basis.

All our partners are recognized as “leaders” in their market.